Top: Lucy In The Sky | Glorietta 5

Pants: Cesar Gaupo (vintage)

Bangle: Aldo

Shades: Legazpi Sunday Market

Summer is upon us! And while the Manila heat unleashes florals, sandals, and short-shorts, let’s not forget the cooling power of whites and shades of blue. Cool tones are reliable day-to-day staples that you can easily upgrade from casual to dressy in a heartbeat.

For this look, it honestly took me less than 5 minutes to throw on. A wide-leg pant is perfect for unfriendly, bloated days (and buffets!) to keep you at ease while still looking put-together. I paired it with a simple halter-neck top which I believe is flattering on any body type. Remember that the halter cut exposes the clavicle (collar bone)! This draws the eyes inward and easily gives the illusion of a slimmer frame.

I paired the look with only two accessories — a statement gold bangle and a pair of shades. While I sported the look with a pair of pumps, it would have worked just as well with a pair of cute sandals.

So play it up, ladies! And know that you can own standing out with a cool vibe!


“Fashion is Not What You Put on, it’s Who You are Without Saying Anything.”


In all honestly, I’m not a big follower of trends. Perhaps I can credit the mentality to my mother who has long instilled in me a solid sense of identity. Don’t get me wrong, just because I don’t follow trends doesn’t mean I don’t like them or am unaware of them. Whether I like it or not, fashion runs wildly in my veins.

In saying that, I don’t necessarily feel that following trends is at all a crime in one’s journey to style-discovery. Simply put, when one is on her journey to such discovery, she strives to become the best version of herself- unique and iconic. Often times, solely referring to what others are doing or wearing tends to blind us from assimilating our personal taste and preferences. It’s really easy to look like someone else but I feel like it defeats all purpose of self-identity. Trends should be a source of inspiration and not a reference for us to mimic. Fashion is not what you put on, it’s who you are without saying anything. If you’re wearing everything Marilyn Monroe ever wore, no one’s even going to call you Marilyn Monroe but a copy-cat.

And don’t all of us empowered women HATE that? Yes, it never hurt to want to look like Audrey, Marilyn or Jane but a little twist and quirk never hurt anybody. The devil is in the details, a little thing goes a long way. A leather jacket over Marilyn’s iconic white dress easily defines you for you and no one else. I look up to SO many women but in the same way, I am always inspired by them, my environment and emotions. So here’s my take on things, take a little bit of everything I love and put it all together..


..produce a look that’s so you and ONLY you.

Jacket **vintage** (from my mom’s old boutique) / Ruffled top **hand me down from my 11 year old cousin** (no idea where it’s from) / Tapered trousers (Mango)

I wanted bright lips (like Marilyn). I wanted doe eyes (like Audrey). I wanted an unconventional do (like Edie Sedgwick). I wanted to be in a black and white film (so I kept it monochrome).

Personal style begins when you stop looking like someone else.

This post is kind of overdue but I’ve been looming across my starry night soul for poetic wonder. I hope this puts a skip in your step today!

It’s always a good day to be yourself.


Aishah The Lionheart

THRIFTED at PHP 65 ($1.50)!

To achieve the same mood I was in while styling and writing this piece, I suggest playing Float by Pacific Air.

Imagining a stroll in Southern France cause imagination is all I can afford
Imagining a stroll in Southern France cause imagination is all I can afford.

I was blessed to open the door to my little brother holding out this little pink number for me to try on last Saturday. He put all niceties aside though, managing only to stifle, “Try it on, if it doesn’t fit I can go back and find something else”. It’s funny how in that single sentence, I not only heard the latter but, “Hello, how’s your day?”, “Here’s something to brighten your day” and “Don’t mention it, I love you,” as well. Ate (Older sister) ears. The little one is really sweet and thoughtful that way. My brothers spoil me rotten with these little things they do and find for me. I have another brother, you see but both share such loving and fashionable traits.

I knew that upon initial inspection, the dress would fit. And when it did, perfectly at that, my brother and I just knew that some styling had to be done. It’s funny that we don’t have to say anything to each other, we just find ourselves making our way down the same styling direction. Besides having an angle for artistic direction, my brother has an eye for good pieces. Like this dress he found at the thrift store for PHP 65 (About $1.50). Makati Cinema Square is heaven sent for thrift shopping mavens. Just a little FYI.

Dress (thrifted for PHP 65) / Bag *mom's** (vintage Bonia Classic) / Watch **anniversary gift from le boyf** (Aldo) / Tennis bracelet **mom's**/ "Whatchamacallit" shoes **mom's** (vintage Claudia Carrena)
Dress (thrifted for PHP 65) / Bag **mom’s** (vintage Bonia Classic) / Watch **anniversary gift from le boyf** (Aldo) / Tennis bracelet **mom’s**/ “Whatchamacallit” shoes **mom’s** (vintage Claudia Canerra)

The night before this little gem of a moment went down, my brother and I took it upon ourselves to watch Woody Allen’s “Magic In The Moonlight”. I’m not going to spoil anything for any of you (I highly recommend that you catch it, definitely a  W.A fave), but I cannot go without saying that the setting of this movie is beyond spectacular. In cinematic parlance, I brave to equate About Time + The Great Gatsby (in reference to era). As you can imagine, the sunset and even the rain in the Southern France setting managed to grab my brother and I by the chokehold. But I shall give Emma Stone and Colin Firth’s performance under Woody Allen’s direction their due, I can’t deny the roles they played in inspiring the look my brother and I put together.

Magic in the Moonlight, a must watch. Starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone. Directed by Woody Allen
Magic in the Moonlight, a must watch. Starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone. Directed by Woody Allen

The styling took no more than 10 minutes at best. We dived into my mom’s shoe closet of course and found this cute little canary pair of whatchamacallits. We nabbed this bag of hers as well to complete the look. We wanted to keep the look feather-light, imagining a stroll in Provence, Southern France.

Magic in the Moonlight got me under its spell
Magic in the Moonlight got me under its spell.
Some make up and accessory detail. My earrings are little gold roses.
Some make up and accessory detail. My earrings are little gold roses.

Have a lovely long weekend since the Pope’s in town!

With love,

Aishah The Lionheart

The Little Black Dress Story: A two-piece ensemble

“Here’s a story of a Little Black Dress

That was once two pieces

Made of class in haste

An ideal combo at best.”

An LBD can be anything you want it to be.
An LBD can be anything you want it to be.

As women (or for those of us who are still striving to be), the story of the Little Black Dress aka the LBD is a story not unheard of. It is every lady’s quintessential piece for any occasion. You can dress it up or dress it down, make it dreary or happy – there’s nothing you can’t do with it.

Since it is such a bulletproof piece that stands the test of time, surviving waves of trends and mishaps, the LBD has proved its loyalty to us time and time again. All we NEED is one piece but our species are more likely to have more than one out of WANT, which is but normal.

Admittedly, I do have a few black numbers that I reserve for special occasions. An LBD is often powerful and unforgettable so I space out the next time I wear a specific piece from the last time it might have shook the ground from beneath me. But on the rare occasion I find an event that screams to my LBD, I let it out and grant it a party.

HOWEVER, I believe that an LBD is not limited to a single piece ensemble which is naturally a dress. I agree with Lisa Eldridge (an amazing make-up artist I follow to build my inspiration armada) when she shared her sentiments on how make-up on a regular day is reliant more on its effect. Obviously, I’m deeply paraphrasing (sorry Lisa!). Anyway, as for that sentiment, I believe the same applies to the LBD or self expression in general.

In this blog, I’ve put together a less than simple ensemble.

A black corset + A black A line skirt = LBD

A little can go a long way.

That being said, I can safely say that an LBD is the icon of SIMPLICITY. It gives us the freedom to do so much with what little we might have. I’ve had nights when I’ve no clue of what to wear (don’t we all) with little time to rummage through my closet. I’ve learned that if you are just looking for the illusion of things, it is quite achievable. Unlike one piece LBDs, a two piece LBD you put together is just as versatile – or potentially more. You can play with the silhouette, hide bulges you want unseen and accentuate your assets. It’s all in your control.

My recommendation? If you don’t already have a reliable black top piece or bottom, then I suggest to just look for one of each. Personally, I think that you don’t have to necessarily get an embellished black top or a loud black skirt or whatever it is you prefer. You could already do wonders with a pitch black cotton tube top and a plain black skirt – whatever cut you prefer at whatever hem you like. The magic is in mixing and matching. I don’t mean to deter from the pure bliss classic LBDs give us but for the modern woman with so little time to look perfectly individual, this might be a versatile but classic way to go.

In my featured look, I decided to throw on a pair of strappy turqoise heels. I had just gotten a haircut and didn’t think much of accessorizing since that was all I really wanted to highlight. But don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for accessorizing. I was just having a serious case of “less is more” phase that day. On top of this look, I decided to throw on something tropical climate residents scorn – a jacket, a faux fur one at that with a suede exterior.

Black corset (hand-me-down from my mother) / Black A line skirt (online shop) / Turqoise Strappy Heels **Christmas gift from my lovely boyfriend** (Centropelle) / Suede and Faux Fur Jacket (FCUK)
Black corset (hand-me-down from my mother) / Black A line skirt (online shop) / Strappy Turqoise Heels **Christmas gift from my lovely boyfriend** (Centropelle) / Suede and Faux Fur Jacket (FCUK)
Currently obsessed with these babies from Centropelle
Currently obsessed with these babies from Centropelle

Typically, this jacket would never leave my closet unless the weather, venue or occasion calls for it. But Manila has been strangely cold lately, some nights are reminiscent of the Tagaytay air, which deem this beauty wearable. Since I’m donning a dainty and feminine number, my personal touch would always be the anti-thesis. Throwing on the jacket is overwhelming for the look, but that’s the added touch I wanted. And since I deem myself independent, I’d like to think that I can keep myself warm (in style no less) without the aid of my boyfriend.

I hope you guys have enjoyed my sentiments! Any questions you have, feel free to comment! Would love to talk and share thoughts that may arise from this topic.. or any at all. Just make sure to insert a piece of yourself in whatever you put together! You’ll stand out whether you like it or not.

As long as you're happy, your outfit becomes your being's accessory.
As long as you’re happy, your outfit becomes your being’s accessory.


Aishah The Lionheart