The Lionheart


The Lionheart is a moniker I, Raja Aishah, go by. The product of a Malaysian father and
a Filipino mother, I have an unfathomable tolerance (and hunger) for chili and an innate passion for song. I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for 17 years before moving to Manila, Philippines in 2009. I started going by the moniker when I fell in love with Of Monster and Men’s record aptly entitled “King and Lionheart”.

I am of guilty of gastronomic consumption and is a criminal of the vile act of word vomit; though I find that I am still very capable of sensitivity. I possess an eclectic taste in music, fashion, literature, and art. By dedicating myserlf to different forms of self-expression, I have found herself worthy of depleting copious amounts of oxygen.

Like other birds (or lions), I long to travel. Though limited to only dreams in the meantime, my spirit has been too wild for my body to handle. By now, my spirit has probably made it halfway around the world so be warned land explorers, if you come across an energy similar to my word vomit somewhere I’m not supposed to be, consider yourself in collision with a wanderer!

I am open to collaborations or simply colliding with other minds. I do freelance work as well. Whatever the case, if you have any questions or like the energy I’m emitting, let’s amplify it further.

Just e-mail me at and let’s go on from there.


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