Top: Lucy In The Sky | Glorietta 5

Pants: Cesar Gaupo (vintage)

Bangle: Aldo

Shades: Legazpi Sunday Market

Summer is upon us! And while the Manila heat unleashes florals, sandals, and short-shorts, let’s not forget the cooling power of whites and shades of blue. Cool tones are reliable day-to-day staples that you can easily upgrade from casual to dressy in a heartbeat.

For this look, it honestly took me less than 5 minutes to throw on. A wide-leg pant is perfect for unfriendly, bloated days (and buffets!) to keep you at ease while still looking put-together. I paired it with a simple halter-neck top which I believe is flattering on any body type. Remember that the halter cut exposes the clavicle (collar bone)! This draws the eyes inward and easily gives the illusion of a slimmer frame.

I paired the look with only two accessories — a statement gold bangle and a pair of shades. While I sported the look with a pair of pumps, it would have worked just as well with a pair of cute sandals.

So play it up, ladies! And know that you can own standing out with a cool vibe!


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